NameStudio API
NameStudio API

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With a smart API solution that delivers relevant suggestions.

AI for Tailored Domain
Name Suggestions

NameStudio API

NameStudio API is powered by years of operational experience and incorporates sophisticated machine learning models.

NameStudio API generated suggestions are based on domain-name-specific Language Models.

Choose the endpoints that
make sense for your business.

NameStudio API
Build your own custom search experience

NameStudio API

Are you looking for a domain name search API to implement with your search platform that provides intelligent suggestions based on the domain name or keywords a user enters?

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NameStudio Web Component Beta
Easy-to-integrate UI and domain name suggestion solution

NameStudio Web Component Beta

Are you looking for a mobile optimized domain name search interface and domain name suggestion solution that can be implemented with minimal effort?

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NameStudio Web Component Beta

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Online Presence Endpoint

Unlike some other domain name generators and suggestion tools NameStudio API’s new Online Presence Endpoint feature allows for even more relevant name suggestions* based on information end-users choose to share with the NameStudio API customer about their online presence, including website URL, social media, email address, preferred business name, or industry.

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* The domain name suggestions provided by the Online Presence Endpoint in NameStudio API are solely based on input parameters provided by the NameStudio API customer.
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NameStudio API Benefits

Offering relevant domain name suggestions can help convert prospects to customers.

The Verisign NameStudio API Service supports a broad set of TLDs* and can help you achieve this goal.

* NameStudio API provides second-level domain name suggestions in Verisign-operated TLDs and non-Verisign-operated TLDs. Availability checks are currently offered in Verisign-operated TLDs and several other TLDs. Availability checks are subject to change and do not reflect domain names that may be unavailable due to registry operator policies.

** Verisign may provide NameStudio API’s French language support through the use of licensed data that Verisign downloads from the Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération (Afnic) at generally at monthly and incremental, daily intervals.

Reliable Performance

NameStudio API comes from the same company that has delivered industry-leading operational accuracy and stability for the .com and .net DNS for more than 26 years.

Multi-language Support

Offer relevant suggestions in 14 languages – English, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.**

No Fees

There are no fees to use the Verisign NameStudio API Service.

Flexible Configuration

Choose a turnkey implementation or easily configure the service using single-function API endpoints based on your domain name search needs.

Insightful Customer Reports

Get NameStudio API reports to analyze your domain name search platform performance to help inform optimization decisions about your search tool.

Customer Testimonials

Todd Han, President and CEO

Implementing Verisign’s NameStudio API was a simple process that didn’t require much additional work on our end. The Verisign NameStudio API team provided us with everything we needed, making the implementation process seamless.

Todd Han, President and CEO


Help your customers find the perfect domain name to help increase your registrations

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